Haven’t posted in ages, too many irons in the fire me thinks. I am going to show a very simple method of enhancing the existing colours in a digital photo using GIMP. This tutorial is aimed at those who are new to GIMP and new to photo editing. This is based on GIMP version 2.6.4 and requires no additional scripts or plug-ins beyond the basic default installation.

Here’s a picture I took while out walking the dog one day, some rather sorry looking birch trees. My aim is to enhance the Yellows to give a nice autumnal feel and also to give a boost to the Greens, so let’s begin.

1. Open your image and from the Colors dropdown menu select Colors > Hue-Saturation…

2. Select the Yellow radio button and move the Saturation slider to the right to increase the stauration, in this example I have increased the saturation of the yellows by 20 as I felt that it suited this image.


3. Select the Green radio button and again move the saturation slider to the right, this time I have increased the saturation by 30. When you are happy with the results click OK.


Well that was easy, I rarely use the Hue and Lightness sliders so I am not going to take the time to explain what they do, but feel free to experiment with them or check the GIMP Help, if you haven’t installed the Help system they are all available on

The Hue-Saturation tool really is quite useful, some possible ways you might use this tool of your own photos include enhancing blue skies, enhancing reds and yellows in sunsets, reducing red in faces (particularly sunburnt one’s). This list of possible uses is really only limited by you imagination. Here’s an example in which I have used the Hue-Saturation tool to desaturate everything but Blue.


Happy GIMPin’