Yes that’s right a weblog, I’m sure that this will come as an immense shock to any of you who know me. That said here’s the proof, one blog.

I decided to start this blog as my way to share my love of a few things, namely photography, dogs (cats are OK too) , snowboarding may even get a mention.

I am also hoping to put together a few photography or photo editing tutorials, which may be of benefit to someone at some stage. Just my way of giving something back to the hobby which has given so much to me. Don’t get me wrong I claim to be no expert but gosh darn it I’m trying.

Also, I Terence Moran hereby pledge to you unfortunate reader, that I will try to refrain from turning this blog into a rant. I do this for two reasons,

a.) if I start I might never stop (I have been accused of having principles)

b.) Some people think that you should never discuss religion or politics in the pub, however I personally feel that the pub is the only place worth discussing religion or politics. This second point takes care of at least some of the ranting possibilities.

So without further adieu, I bid you welcome.