OK, so she’s been with us a few weeks but I didn’t have a blog then. Here she is when she was a little wee thing. I thought that it was a little too soon after Lal’s death (our old dog) to be getting a new dog, but I saw her and fell in love. Mammy was a Rottweiler and nobody knows what daddy was, but she’s terribly cute. Personally by the look of her coat I think that daddy was a German shepard (Alsatian), that should stop people asking directions!,  more of little Ms. Mischa to follow.

I’ve been asked about the name, not very Irish. Frankly I named her after Hannibal Lecter’s little sister. I was thinking of calling her Maebh, after Queen Maebh (Maeve in the English spelling, no “V” in old Irish). But this won out, thought to myself, could I picture her guarding castle Lecter when she grows up I and found that I could.

Loves ears they must be tasty.